October is Caries Disease Awareness Month!

October has been defined as the month to bring awareness to the way we talk about cavities, the disease process and the prevention of caries.  Please help our mission by supporting the awareness month and start changing the language today!


Get your free copy of Why Me? by Dr. V Kim Kutsch and start changing the language we use today!

Watch Real Dental Professionals Talk About Caries Disease


30 Day Health and Wellness Challenge

30 days of positive actions to improve your mental and physical health.


Check out #cariesdisease and #treatpeoplebetter for challenge submissions!

Day 1
Compliment a stranger on something specific.
Day 2
Before going to sleep tonight, write down three things you are thankful for from the day.

Professionals: Get Connected and Stay In the Know!

Stay up-to-date on caries awareness info throughout the year!